BPC-P is a easily movable machine, which can be carried from one place to other by Operator’s. The attached flexible shaft gets rotates at 1740 rpm speed, simultaneously water gets injected through the nylon casing to the tool attached at the tip of flexible shaft. The tool removes the deposits & water flushes through it. The water injects only when the machine is running it is ensure with help of Solenoid.
BPC- P is a portable machine which can be carried by technician on the move. Flexible shaft rotates at speed of 1740 rpm and water gets injected simultaneously through the nylon casing to the cleaning tool. As the tool removes the deposits, the water flow flushes them out. A solenoid valve ensures that water flows only when machine is running.

Following Specification are available with all Units:-
115 v 60 Hz, 115 v 50 Hz – 9 Amps.
220 v 60 Hz, 220 v 50 Hz – 4.5 Amps.

Note : Electric Specification should be mentioned while placing the Orders.

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