We manufactured the System for Tube Expansion which is controlled & operated by Electric Control Panel. Our tube expansion system is used for expansion of tubes of Boilers, Condensers & Heat Exchangers.

Our tube expansion system is used mostly for tube expansion of condenser tube Expanders, heat exchanger tube expanders. Automatically controls after reaching the Required Torque by control is panel unit . By pressing the reverse button tube expander retracts out from the tube. The tubes are automatically rolled to maximum tightness without high stress of work in the Tube metal for prevention of damage to tube end or distorting ligaments of Tube Sheet.

Our Tube Expansion system is suitable for tubes size (6.4 mm) ¼" to (100.4 mm) 4"

Electric Torque Controller / Wattage Based

We have manufactured System for controlling the required Torque, below are the Model No's:-

Model No. VoltageSingle Phase 50/60 Hz Weight (Kg)
BTC - 230 130 11.0
BTC - 110 110 11.0

Electrically Operated Drive Units

We manufactured & used heavy duty motor which help for continuous operation cycle. Our system captures high torques to weight ratio. All spares parts are easy available upon order.

Our System is equipped with digital display of voltage output, which are used in application on site’s & high fluctuation of voltage areas.

We provide accessories with Electric Tube Expansion System such as Movable Trolley, Quick change Chucks & Adaptors, Telescopic Shaft, Torque Multiplication Gear Boxes.

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