We manufacture various type of flexible shaft based on application. One can use flexible shaft suitable for speed of 850 RPM to 12000 RPM. We produce flexible shaft of minimum Size 3mm dia to maximum 25mm dia or more (as per requirement). Our flexible shafts are used or tube cleaner purpose, grinding purpose, concrete mixing vibrator purpose, Or for Power transmission purpose.
A electrical power is transmitted into Flexible shaft in form of rotation through the motor unit to accessories (tool head cutter or brushes) is used for cleaning purpose.

Flexible Shafts is made of Inner core, Outer Casing & connected with sockets.
Inner Core is made of spring steel or stainless steel highly tensile flexible wire (as per requirement) with multiple wounded layer’s vibration free after processing through heat treatment process.

Outer Casing is made from galvanized steel strip. To avoid any kind of friction between outer casing & inter core a special spring steel lining is provide with double interlock & circular round.

Connect with one end by a Socket (machine end) is attached to suitable motor & other socket (tool end) is attached to shaft.

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