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Pneumatic Tapping Machine, Tension Adjusting Knob, Quick Change Tapchuck, Mumbai, India Pneumatic Tapping Machine, Tension Adjusting Knob, Quick Change Tapchuck, Mumbai, India

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Pneumatic Tapping Machine

Pneumatic Tapping Machine
Model Tapping Capacity Max.
No Load Speed (RPM)
Air Pressure In psi
Torque in nM
- Steel Aluminium - - -
TapEasy 06 M 6 1/4" 1400 90 15
TapEasy 610 M 10 1/2" 300 90 25
TapEasy 1020 M 20 1" 160 90 80
"TapEasy" is a unique tapping machine with an articulated arm. This unique feature helps in tapping a hole anywhere within the prescrbed area. This machine is having a range to tap holes up to 3/4" or M 20 in steel and 1' or M 24 in aluminium. "TapEasy" controls of a specially designed arm carrying pneumatic reversible motor which will tap through holes as well as blind holes.
"TapEasy" is available in three models with various arm lengths to suit to your equipments.
"TapEasy" is a versatile machine and used for :
 1. Tapping  2. Re-tapping  3. For inserting helicoils
 4. Chamfering  5. Reaming  6. Ccumtesinking etc

Tension Adjusting Knob

This is a customer friendly feature incorporated to assist the operator to adjust the force he has to apply while locating the tapping head in line with the hole.

Tension Adjusting Knob

• Easy Forward/Reverse Grip

This facilates operator for easy forward / reverse operation of motor with simple 'twist'.

Easy Forward/Reverse Grip


(Filter/Regulator/Lubricator) This helps in removing moisture from the air as well as maintains desired air pressure with the help of the regulator and carries small droplets of oil so as to lubricate air motor


• Depth Control Mechanism

This mechanism has been categorically incorporated to tap blind holes. This special feature helps in avoiding tap breakage as well as thread damage.

Depth Control Mechanism

• Quick Change Tapchuck

This helps in holding various tap holders firmly and saves time in changeover.

Quick Change Tapchuck

• Magnetic Base

200 x 125 x 125 (LWH)
For quickest mounting of ‘Tap Easy’ on larger work

Magnetic Base

• Table

800 x 800 x 850 (LWH) provided with reaching castors.


• Trolley

700 x 700 x 800 (LWH) provided with reaching castors.

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