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Motorised Barrel Pump, Lub Motorised Barrel Pump, Magma / Massecuite Pumps, Mumbai, India Motorised Barrel Pump, Lub Motorised Barrel Pump, Magma / Massecuite Pumps, Mumbai, India

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Motorised Barrel Pump

Lub Motorised Barrel Pump
We are pleased to introduce HACO LUB motorized barrel pump, one of the best performing barrel and container pumps in the world. HACO LUB is manufactured in mild steel with a sealless construction making its use versatile for handling wide range of lubricants and chemicals.

It is used not only in engineering and chemical industries but also in hotels, cold storage, hospitals, workshops, cinema theaters, shopping malls etc.
M. 0. C. : Pump body in M. S. Chrome and impeller in P. P.
Pumping type : submerged, self priming
Temperature of liquid
: 60°C (max)
Suitable for : 2" bung hole container
Pump tube length
: 700/1000/1250 mm
Viscosity of liquid
: up to 500 cp
Discharge : 80 Ipm (max)
Delivery Head : upto9m(25ft)
Electric Motor
: Single phase, 400 W, Universal motor, operating on 230 V, 50 Hz, AC supply. Shock proof and chemical resistant body, suitable for intermittent operation.
Caution : Should not be unattended to avoid burning
Suitable For:
• Lubricants • Transformer oils
• De - greasing solutions • Paints
• Hydraulic oils • Thermic fluids
• LDO/HSD • Effluent treatment chemicals
• Cutting oils • Varnishes
• Machine oils • Non - flammable solvents
• De - watering • Decanting barrels etc.
• Charging reaction kettle • Filling Diesel in Generator Tank
• Filling oil in transformers • Filling overhead tanks
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