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Concrete Mixing Vibrator, Concrete Mixing Vibrators, Mumbai, India Concrete Mixing Vibrator, Concrete Mixing Vibrators, Mumbai, India

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Concrete Mixing Vibrator

Concrete Mixing Vibrator
   Specification for Needle:
Specification for Flexible Shafts:
Do not leave the needle running in air as it will overheat and is only efficiently cooled when immersed.
2) Do not stop the vibrator whilst needle immersed as withdrawal will be difficult
3) Do not lubricate the inside of the needle.
4) clean the needle end tip after every 50 hours of use
5) Strike the needle against ground to start vibrators
When handling needle, always carry it by gripping the rubber sleeve round the drive shaft thus preventing excessive bending of the shaft. Acute bends will cause friction and land to overheating. Therefore, always keep the flexible shaft as straight as possible.
Ensure that needle is immersed fully into the concrete, If required the engine can be replaced by electric motor 2 H.P. 2880 RPM wound for 400/440 volts, 3 Phase 50 cycles, AC supply with push Button starter.
Needle & Flexible Shafts should be serviced and clean with petrol every100 hours of use.
 Ensure that the motor runs in clockwise direction when viewed from far end, otherwise the  inner core will unwind causing irreparable damage to flexible shaft.
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